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Professional Tree Services – Caring For Oaks

At Arborist Action we want to make sure that our clients and neighbors are well educated as regards professional tree services and the caring for your trees.  In this series of blog articles, we hope to give you some insight as to why we do what we do.  Our services include everything from basic pruning to hurricane clean-up.  As we walk through this series with you, we want you to know that we are available to answer any questions you may have at ArboristAction@gmail.com.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Caring for Oak Trees

In this month’s installment, we are going to talk with you about proper care of your oak trees.  Oak trees are plentiful in the Central Florida area.  We invest quite a lot of our resources in keeping our client’s oak trees in top health.  Proper care for oak trees includes pruning to remove dead branches, reducing the stress on overloaded branches, making sure no part of the tree is able to adversely affect any structures, proper fertilization and a process called cabling to add external support.

Removing Dead Branches

Oak trees thrive in the Central Florida area.  They are helped by the efficient drainage of our soil, the humidity and plentiful access to water via lakes, aquifers and frequent rains.  Of course, some trees can be harmed by fungus, insects and various other pests.  When this occurs branches can become rotten and die, and sometimes, if it gets too bad, it may require that Arborist Action remove the entire tree.  You will want to have your trees evaluated on a regular basis to prevent dead branches suddenly breaking off and damaging property, people or pets.

Reducing the Stress on Overloaded Branches

Oak trees are beautiful and some of the older, more established oaks offer a rich history, like one of the oldest oaks in the United States.  At 600 years old, this white oak only recently had to be removed at the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church in Basking Ridge, New Jersey (some of George Washington’s soldiers were buried at the foot of this tree! – Read full article here) and the second oldest live oak in America can be found in Waycross, Georgia

Over time, branches on oaks that extend far from the trunk can become overburdened with heavy foliage.  If this is not taken care of through proper pruning, a bad break can occur.  You want to avoid this in order to prevent any property damage and harm to the tree.  That brings us to our next topic.

Tree Trimming for Safety

Annual maintenance of the trees on your property is vital to ensuring the safety of your home or business, the people that frequent your property, vehicles, pets and more.  A professional arborist company like Arborist Action can evaluate your trees and offer a competitive estimate, explain their game plan and deliver great results year after year.  Keeping you and yours safe and enjoying an amazing well-groomed property.  This is particularly important in such a hurricane prone area as the state of Florida.

Properly Feeding Your Trees – Fertilizer

Not many people think to fertilize their oak trees in Florida due to the rich ground cover and eco-system.  However, we assure you that proper fertilization can add vibrant life to your trees.  The proper fertilizer and application (that can be recommended and performed by your arborist) can last for up to two years.  Fertilizer for oak trees not only feeds the trees resulting in a richer, greener canopy, but it will help the root system to develop in such a way that the water flow through the trunk and to the branches is enhanced.  This is a wonderful way to ensure internal strength for the tree.  Now, sometimes, larger branches, stretching out far from the oak’s trunk can require additional, installed, support.

Installing External Support for Branches

Larger, more robust branches not only need to be pruned to reduce the weight of heavier foliage, but they may need external support.  This external support comes in the form of ‘cabling’.  This process uses strong, durable cables to reduce the stress on the limb and anchor it firmly to the main trunk of the oak.  A proper cabling solution can be designed and installed as part of your arborist’s professional tree services.

In our next edition we are going to be examining proper care for the numerous types of palm trees we enjoy in our tropical climate.

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