Written by Justin Gaynor

Arborist Action takes quality seriously.  It starts from the investment we make in hiring skilled climbers, arborists who understand maintaining healthy trees, and equipment that gets the job done efficiently.  All this works together resulting in great service and prices for our customers.  Make no mistake, we are in business to feed our families and build a solid life for ourselves in America, too.  God bless America where we can do what is right for everyone that is involved.  America, the land of opportunity. 

Arborist Action is growing.  We recently stopped in to talk with our friend Dave about adding some new equipment to our arsenal.  Dave has been in the tree business since the 70’s and has a level of experience and common sense that I hope the whole team here at Arborist Action eventually attains to (Yes, personal and professional development is important to us.).

Basically, when we add additional crews, we look to folks that are older and wiser for guidance on the newest and best chainsaws in the industry and more besides.  Stihl is our go-to manufacturer and we were interested in looking at three saws today: a climbing saw, a solid all-purpose machine and a big boy that is capable of taking down some of these hardwoods and palms quickly so we can get the job done and move on to the next one as efficiently as possible.   Our clients like us because we intentionally cause them as little inconvenience as possible while we get their trees and property in great shape.

A Climbers Side-Arm

The Stihl MS 201TC is a light weight, top handle chainsaw designed for extensive use.  It boasts more than 2.4 horsepower and weighs in at just under 8.5 lbs.  This thing can chew through some wood.  Although Stihl manufactures some saws in the U.S.A., this model is imported from Germany and carries with it all the quality that German engineering is known for.  A special screen was crafted for this little monster that keeps the motor running clean and free from debris as our climbers are getting’ it done in some tight spots.  This is a damn fine saw.  Now, we need to look at something a little more versatile that can handle larger cuts.

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The One That Gets It Done

Dave said if he was going to launch a new tree services business today, money was no object and he could buy one all-purpose machine, he would go with this bad boy.  Much to our surprise, it was not the most expensive mid-sized Stihl saw. He pointed our attention to the MS 250. 

Built right here in the good old U.S.A. with a full 3.0 horsepower, weighing in at just over 10 lbs., this is Dave’s go to.  Designed for frequent use, it’s not quite the workhorse that the MS 201TC is, but its great for the groundcrew that is multi-tasking anyway.  Now, we take down some big trees, and as I said before, our customers want to have as little disruption to their lives as possible.  We need our new crews to have something with some serious, no-nonsense grit.  Enter what I call the ‘Shepherd’s Rod’.

The Shepherd’s Rod

The MS 661 C-M is a machine weighing in at just over 16 lbs., a whopping 7.2 bhp and enough torque to tear through some of the toughest, thickest hardwoods.  German built, the fuel efficiency and quietness of the MS 661 C-M is mind blowing.  This is the Mercedes Benz S-Class of chainsaws.  The set-up on this one is a little different from the MS201TC in that it doesn’t have the same specially designed screen.  The fact is, it doesn’t need that.  This machine, with a beefed-up chain actually has a ‘wood-chipping’ style cutting action that moves through rotten oaks, and other hardwoods that just need to go, with a quiet quickness.

Fully Equipped

Our visit with Dave turned out to be a good one.  He is always a good dude to shoot the breeze with anyway.  As we continue to consider how to best serve Central Florida and beyond, it will mean asking the right questions of the experts and continuing to focus on delivering the best results to our customers at great prices.  The team at Arborist Action wants to thank you for your continued business, referrals, and for checking in with us here on ‘A Lumberjack’s Notepad.’  Give us a call today if you have any questions or comments.  As a matter of fact, we have a coupon floating around that will save you 10% on a tree removal service.  Just call the gals over at the office (386) 259-8182 and mention coupon code: INET2020.

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