Cutting Away Modern Slavery

Human trafficking is one of the most widespread crimes against humanity. It finds itself amongst other issues to be addressed boldly and wisely, such as abortion and substance abuse. Arborist Action’s Veronica Bell has recently stepped forward to engage with the issue of human trafficking and is inviting more people into the conversation.

Educating the Public

As a mom, when Veronica learned about the horrors of human trafficking, particularly as it involves children, she was enraged. She quickly went to work educating herself. Reading articles and searching various resources on the web. The more she learned about human trafficking, the more shocked, and motivated to do something about it she became.

Becoming Vocal

Veronica read more and more of the accounts of this disgusting crime. She came to a greater understanding of the extent of the problem. There were certain groups, and of course law enforcement, doing things about the problem.

However, like the war on drugs, the problem itself far overshadows the resources to combat it effectively. Veronica needed to do something though. So, she decided to utilize her voice on behalf of those children whose cries are not being heard.

She decided to leverage social media and share her concerns with Andrew Pine, owner of Arborist Action. A man that has two young sons of his own that he has been raising as a single father for some time now. Human trafficking is a problem that hits hard at the core of what it is to be truly human. It is sadly a problem that is far too close to home in Volusia County.

People started listening and lending their voices to Veronica’s cry for an immediate and increased response to this issue. Others offered direction to groups of people that are already actively battling against this blight on the human collective.

Advocacy Groups

Advocacy and action groups such as A21 and The Exodus Road have organized streams of people and financial resources to expose and deconstruct these illegal criminal networks. We at Arborist Action stand with Veronica on this issue and want to encourage, and challenge you, to put your voice and resources behind an organization of your choice that is actively pursuing the rescue of these human beings.

Getting Involved

So, what can you do?

  1. Get educated – A person needs to be aware of what they are up against.
  2. Get vocal – Many of these men, women, and children that have been enslaved may never have an opportunity to be heard, become their voice.
  3. Volunteer your time – We can accomplish more together, than we ever will be able to on our own, it’s called synergy.
  4. Set aside some money each week to donate – Wars cost money, and this is war for the human soul. A worthy cause.
  5. Become a mentor – Many people who are rescued need to be restored. They have experienced so much damage to their being that it will take an entire community to love them back to normalcy.

If you would be interested in working with us to explore how we can bring the most positive change as regards this problem, send us an email at

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