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Arborist Action - Hurricane

With an active hurricane season underway Arborist Action cleans up the mess from Hurricane Laura and others. Andrew Pine, the owner here at Arborist Action saw the need and opportunity in Louisiana, so he and the crew mounted up and headed northwest from our Central Florida location.

They travelled through Alabama and got to work immediately. Storm preparation and clean-up are a huge part of what we do. The 2020 hurricane season is proving to be just as active as was expected. The good thing is that, so far, the storms haven’t been nearly as powerful as what we saw in the 2005 season.

Storm Preparation

Without question, keeping the trees and shrubs on your property in good shape with storm preparation services from Arborist Action is the best thing to do for your home. Storm preparation services will ensure that potential hazards are dealt with before they cause damage. And you won’t be having to scramble last minute if you take proactive action.

The hazards we will help you take care of can be things like overgrow trees that catch a lot of wind and come crashing down due to being top heavy. It can also includes trees that appear to be healthy on the outside, but have rotted internally. In addition, it can be individual branches that have become large and grown overtop of a roof or carport.

Hurricane Response

In this case though, we were headed to another hurricane hotspot like Florida due to hurricane response. With our new crane and the additional work we can get completed with the functionality it adds to the team, we were pretty excited about helping some folks recover from this.

The further the team got into the area to be serviced the more and more work we could see there was to be done. Our estimators got straight to work connecting with home and business owners and it wasn’t long before our professional climbers and ground crews were getting to work with the hurricane response efforts.

Storm Clean-up

Arborist Action - Hurricane Clean Up - Tree Removal Services

Storm clean-up is a lot more challenging than normal tree pruning and removals. The level of debris can vary, you need to be aware of fallen and tangled power and communications cables that can be live at worst or at best mess up your saws and machinery if your crew isn’t careful. Downed machinery when you are thousands of miles from your home base can cost a lot of time and money.

Overall, it was a productive excursion, but Andrew was happy to get home to his two sons and his crew was happy to get home to their loved ones as well.

Arborist Action offers professional tree services at reasonable prices. We serve Central Florida and beyond and can be contacted at (386) 259-8182 to schedule an estimate for services.

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