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Arborist Action Prunes Trees and Grows People
Professional Arborists Keep People, Pets, and Property Safe

Tree Pruning

As we are heading into the last month of 2020, the tree pruning business and other arborist services are continuing in a positive direction. In Central Florida, there is so much natural beauty to be enjoyed. However, maintaining the beauty and health of the natural environment requires services to steward it well. Tree pruning and trimming is a way to strengthen the health of trees. The nutrients that the tree draws in are distributed to various parts of the tree requiring nourishment. When the dead parts and excess foliage are wisely removed, what remains is a healthier, more vibrant tree.

Tree Removal

Sometimes trees can get to a point where pruning and trimming won’t be able to save the tree. When this happens, the tree has become a hazard to surrounding people, pets, and property. The interesting thing about the resilience of many species of tree, such as oaks, is that they can be taken all the way down to the stump, and suddenly from the stump, will sprout up a healthy new branch.

Within a few years, that oak will be thriving again. So, just because a tree needs to be removed, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road for that tree. Of course, if you like, we can always remove the tree and grind it down below the surface, cover it over, and the root system will simply decay and rot away without any sun light. Even then though, there is always the possibility of a new branch breaking through the surface. Life seems to simply find a way sometimes.

Growing People

At Arborist Action, we strongly believe in this process of pruning, trimming, and removal. Not only when it comes to trimming trees, but also in the way we approach personal and professional development. We employ quite a few people here in Volusia County and we care deeply for every member of the team. Arborist Action owner Andrew Pine believes in giving people an opportunity to succeed. When he onboards new people to the company, he takes a personal interest in how they are growing as professionals in the arborist industry. This includes training in the various aspects of the business.

Arborist Action also actively and fervently maintains a drug-free workplace that is safe for everyone. Having been heavily involved with Solutions By The Sea, a local addiction recovery facility, Andrew has a keen eye for identifying problem situations and dealing with them directly. He continues to serve as a positive example and role-model to men and women alike that are emerging from very hard times. He encourages his teammates to be honest, loyal, and to fight the good fight together. His team understands his standards of excellence and teamwork, and those are primary contributors to the strength of Arborist Action as a company.

To all of our customers that continue to support Arborist Action in both your patronage and your referrals, we want to thank you and assure you that when you speak positively on behalf of Arborist Action, we take that seriously. We work diligently to make sure our brand advocates never have any reason to hesitate recommending Arborist Action.

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