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Arborist Action provides the services you need to keep your trees and foliage looking great year round.  Our services also help prevent property damage from falling limbs and other such hazards.  On this page you can read about the benefits of our various services.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Land Services

If you have a large enough yard, chances are there are areas of it that have become overgrown with trees and vegetation. These things make that area unfit to use and can be the source of some aggravation between you and your neighbors too. Well it does not have to be that way any longer. Arborist Action Professional Tree Service, can help you take back that land from Mother Nature and make it beautiful and useful again. We perform land clearing in Central Florida areas.

We have skilled teams that are experts at felling trees and scraping away unwanted patches of vegetation. Share your vision with us and we will help make it happen for you. You mark out the trees you want saved and give us any other special instructions you want, then we will expertly handle the rest of the land clearing process safely, efficiently, and affordably.


Why Clear Your Land?

Land clearing can be useful in many ways. These overgrown areas will become somewhat of a nuisance over time. They will become home to unwanted pests that can cause damage to your home and often times will become the breeding ground for swarms of insects. Not to mention that such pests will take away greatly from the overall looks of your landscape and the extent to which you are able to enjoy it. We often get calls from local businesses in the area requesting land clearance due to rodent infestation. Once you take care of the overgrowth, many of these problems will be severely reduced if not eliminated all together!

There are many reasons that you might want to consider land clearing in the Central Florida area:

  • Preparing for a property sale
  • Land clearing to build a home or commercial building
  • Nuisance overgrowth
  • Mandate from the local compliance board
  • Help to add value to your neighborhood

We have the skilled personal and heavy equipment necessary to clear even the most overgrown areas of land. We can take down as few or as many trees as you want and totally clear away all of the unwanted vegetation too. We will even haul away all of the wood and other debris from the job so you have one less thing to worry about.

We have a long list of satisfied customers in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, and all over the Central Florida area. Our reputation at this type of tree service speaks for itself. You simply will not find a company in the area that does as thorough and efficient land clearing as we do.

Call Arborist Action Professional Tree Service today at 386-259-8182 and ask us about how we can expertly help you clear that area of land you would like to reclaim. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate. Best of all, we guarantee you that our pricing will be some of the most competitive you will find in the area.

Tree Removal

If you own a home or business in Central Florida long enough, chances are you will need a tree removed at one time or another time. When that need comes about, there is no better company to call than Arborist Action Professional Tree Service. Our trained arborists will use the best techniques and the latest equipment to swiftly and safely remove any trees that are no longer a benefit to your landscape. We are a leading Arborist company in Central Florida, and we always offer our services at a competitive price.

With Arborist Action, this is what you will get each and every time you deal with us on a tree removal project:

  • Fair and honest dealings... always
  • Straight talk that you deserve... we'll give you the facts, even when they're ugly
  • Competitive pricing... usually the best rates around!
  • 100% guarantee on all of our work... we aim to build lifetime relationships
  • Safe and efficient work... we don't take shortcuts, and we are very thorough in our work
  • Fully insured, bonded and licensed to perform work throughout Central Florida
  • A jobsite that is left as clean and orderly as we found it
  • Friendly, professional crew that will always be courteous and professionally dressed

Why Tree Removal?

There are many reasons that trees occasionally need to be removed. Tree removal can become necessary due to such things as damage from strong storms, poor tree health, or even because of trees that have outgrown the space you have for them in your yard or business property. When you do need tree removal at your home or business, it can be a very hazardous project. Even small trees that look easy to handle can be more complex than meets the eye.  You should only hire professionals that are experienced and trained in this line of work. At Arborist Action Professional Tree Service, we have the experience and the heavy equipment to perform even the most complex and dangerous tree removals.

Call the Tree Experts

So the next time you need a nuisance tree removed or have any other concerns with the trees in your yard, make sure you give Arborist Action Professional Tree Service a call at 386-259-8182 to see how we can help. You will not find a tree removal company in Central Florida that has more experienced tree pros, or who will offer you more competitive pricing. Best of all, our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed so the job is not done until you are 100% satisfied. Call today...the estimates and advice are always free!

Tree Trimming

Arborist Action-Quote-Free Estimates

Central Florida Tree Trimming

Arborist Action Professional Tree Service is one of the most accomplished tree trimming companies servicing Central Florida and the surrounding communities. Our highly skilled tree professionals are experts at trimming all the different species of trees that are found in the Central Florida area. We combine years of tree trimming know-how with the most sophisticated equipment available. That is an unbeatable combination that will leave the trees in your yard healthier and much better looking once we are done trimming them.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Trees Trimmed?

Here are the reasons that you need to keep the trees in your yard properly trimmed:


Well-trimmed trees will significantly add to the overall looks of your landscape. Try this test - observe which landscapes in your neighborhood look the best the next time you drive into it. We are pretty confident it will be the landscapes where the trees have been properly trimmed and maintained.

Tree Health

When we trim your trees the remaining part of the tree gets more nutrients than before. This improves the health of your trees significantly. Not only does tree trimming improve the health of your trees, but it improves the health of all the other greenery in your yard too. Our tree experts are trained in the proper tree trimming, as improper cuts can damage the health of your beautiful trees.

Safety/Damage Control

Branches that hang too low, block a motorist’s vision, or hang precariously close to power lines need to be removed for safety reasons. Branches that are rubbing up against the roof or the sides of your home can cause significant damage if not removed, and we've all seen the scratches on cars from dangling tree branches.

Here is a list of the major tree trimming services that we are experts at performing for our friends and neighbors in Central Florida:

  • Crown Thinning
  • Canopy Thinning
  • Canopy Raising and Lowering
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Palm Tree Trimming
  • Tree Shaping
  • Dead Branch Removal
  • Removal or Cutting Back of Hazard Branches
  • Seasonal Tree Cutbacks

We Are Available To Trim Your Trees at Your Convenience

Don't delay, call Arborist Action Professional Tree Services today at 386-259-8182 for a completely free estimate. When you call us you will be pleasantly surprised at just how fair and competitive our prices are. Once we are finished with your tree trimming you will have a yard full of much better looking and significantly healthier trees.

Emergency Services

Arborist Action Professional Tree Service is an experienced storm clean-up and storm recovery company . We have been through nearly every hurricane over the past two decades, and not only have we helped thousands of families restore order in their home or business, but also learned many valuable lessons along the way about how to deal with the most hazardous situations related to storm cleanup. And this can be very hazardous work, and should only be undertaken by professional tree companies with the appropriate combined experience in different areas of clean-up and restoration.

We know that when your property is in disarray the most important thing is fast action to begin the clean-up process. For this reason, we react on short notice to get the job done correctly, and restore order and peace of mind for you and your family. We have all of the equipment and resources required to perform the most complex projects, as well as experienced field leadership and skilled crews to handle difficult jobs.

We are a large, full-service company so we can handle many jobs at once in Central Florida and service the following areas:

  • Daytona Beach
  • Orlando
  • St. Augustine
  • Cocoa
  • Palm Coast
  • And the surrounding communities

Arborist Action Professional Tree Service prioritizes safety at all times. We carry full worker's compensation insurance as well for added peace of mind.

Call Arborist Action Professional Tree Service today for a free estimate at 386-259-8182. We can guide you through this difficult process and bring order back to your property and help put the pieces back together for your home or your business.

Storm Preparation

Storm Preparation is a must if you live in Central Florida, or anywhere near Florida. As we all know, hurricanes and strong storm systems sneak up on our area with seemingly very little warning. Before you know it, you are dealing with hurricane force winds, closed roads and other significant community inconveniences. And yes, at that point it is too late to do anything further. This is not a good place to be, and there are ways to prevent it. It's just not enough to hope for a slow hurricane season, as there is too much at stake when you are fortunate enough to live in our beautiful Floridian coastal towns.

Over the past couple decades, we have seen the devastation that hurricanes can bring to our coastal paradise. And many times insurance companies are more worried about their bottom line than they are your well-being, and never mind hurricane deductibles. The best way to protect against all of this happening to you and your family is to make sure that your landscape and trees are properly maintained, and do not become a threat to your home or commercial building.


At Arborist Action Professional Tree Service we are experts in storm preparation, and work closely with our clients to make sure that your home or commercial building is ready for storm season.  We want you to be safe and protected. We advise our clients on everything they need to do to protect their structure and family, and we'll give you a prioritized list of items to help make this happen.

We have been through many storm clean-ups over the years and we have extensive experience and understanding concerning the dangers present due to hazardous trees. We will convey this expert advice to you so that you will have peace of mind when the next CAT 5 decides to come rolling through your neighborhood. We will guide you through every step of the process, and always provide fair and competitive pricing for storm preparation. It is always so much easier to deal with hazard trees before the storm comes, and even before hurricane season starts on June 1st, than to be in full scramble mode the day before the hurricane and a mandatory evacuation is imposed.

We prioritize your safety and ours at all times. We make sure that our team uses the proper equipment and wears safety gear when necessary. We carry full workers' comp insurance as well.

Call Arborist Action Professional Tree Services today at 386-259-8182 and let us help you improve your hurricane-readiness for your home, business, or government agency, so when the next storm comes, you will have peace of mind that everything is in place and your structure will not be threatened by hazard trees.

We Are Here For You

Arborist Action offers all of these great services because we have experienced the negative effects of poor environmental care.  As native Floridians we understand the damages that hurricanes bring and we are also familiar with the natural overgrowth and decay that occurs in our tropical foliage.  We are here to help you, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have.



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