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Welcome to 'A Lumberjack's Notepad', our blog.  Here you will find musings on our field of expertise, life, tools, family, work, training, outdoor life, stories and whatever else we think might be helpful to you in getting to know us and what we are all about.

Arborist Action - Prune Trees - Grow People

Arborist Action Prunes Trees and Grows People

By jgaynor888 | November 23, 2020

As we are heading into the last month of 2020, the tree pruning business and other arborist services are continuing in a positive direction. In Central Florida, there is so much natural beauty to be enjoyed. However, maintaining the beauty and health of the natural environment requires services to steward it well. Tree pruning and trimming is a way to strengthen the health of trees. The nutrients that the tree draws in are distributed to various parts of the tree requiring nourishment. When the dead parts and excess foliage is wisely removed, what remains is a healthier, more vibrant tree.

Arborist Action-Taking Root

Arborist Action is Taking Root

By jgaynor888 | October 23, 2020

Written by Justin Gaynor Taking Root Launched in early 2019 Arborist Action is really taking root and we couldn’t be more grateful as we are heading into the Thanksgiving season! We launched Arborist Action to offer quality tree services at reasonable prices. The value we have been bringing to the table is not only taking…

Arborist Action - Hurricane

Arborist Action Cleans Up the Mess From Hurricane Laura

By jgaynor888 | September 23, 2020

With an active hurricane season underway Arborist Action cleans up the mess from Hurricane Laura and others. Andrew Pine, the owner here at Arborist Action saw the need and opportunity in Louisiana, so he and the crew mounted up and headed northwest from our Central Florida location.

Arborist Action Fights Human Trafficking

Arborist Action Fights Human Trafficking

By jgaynor888 | August 17, 2020

Cutting Away Modern Slavery Human trafficking is one of the most widespread crimes against humanity. It finds itself amongst other issues to be addressed boldly and wisely, such as abortion and substance abuse. Arborist Action’s Veronica Bell has recently stepped forward to engage with the issue of human trafficking and is inviting more people into…

Tree Pruning-Orlando-Arborist Action

Arborist Action and the Environment

By jgaynor888 | July 21, 2020

Arborists help keep people, pets, and property safe and healthy. There is much more to it than just trimming your trees though.

arborist action - hurricane preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

By jgaynor888 | June 29, 2020

Hurricane season in Florida is always a time of increased stress. With the added complication of COVID-19, this year is particularly concerning for many. However, there is a silver lining. Arborist Action Professional Tree Services is currently offering a 10% Discount on all tree removals.

Built For Growth

By jgaynor888 | May 22, 2020

Arborist Action takes quality seriously. It starts from the investment we make in hiring skilled climbers, arborists who understand maintaining healthy trees, and equipment that gets the job done efficiently.

Professional Tree Service-Hillcrest-Florida-Arborist Action

Caring For Palm Trees

By jgaynor888 | April 15, 2020

A Blog From Arborist Action Written by Justin Gaynor Caring for Palm Trees is today’s topic. Welcome back to ‘A Lumberjack’s Notepad’.  Glad you’re here. As we get into mid-April the crew at Arborist Action has been going strong.  The government has classified us as an ‘essential business’ in the midst of all this COVID-19…

Tree Pruning-Orlando-Arborist Action

Caring For Your Trees In Central Florida with Professional Tree Services – Part 1

By jgaynor888 | February 28, 2020

Written by Justin Gaynor Professional Tree Services – Caring For Oaks At Arborist Action we want to make sure that our clients and neighbors are well educated as regards professional tree services and the caring for your trees.  In this series of blog articles, we hope to give you some insight as to why we…

Arborist Action-The Right Tool For The Right Job-Stihl Chainsaws

Quality Equipment: The Right Tool, For The Right Job

By jgaynor888 | February 10, 2020

Written by Justin Gaynor Quality equipment helps us deliver quality, professional tree services. ‘Lumberjack’ is a tree services trade that seems to offer the refreshing grit of a better time in America. A time when faithful men worked to take care of their families. When moms cared more for their kids than their careers, but…

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